Who is Nancy Lehoux?

Nancy Lehoux is an influential leader in the field of personal and professional development. For the past fifteen years, she has empowered thousands of entrepreneurs, CEOs, managers, and collaborators all over the country, helping them to transform their lives through her results-oriented strategic coaching method.
As owner of several companies, Nancy understands the difficulties and challenges her clients face. Through her seminars, online videos, webinars, products, individual and group coaching programs, she helps her clients discover innovative, easy, resourceful ways to lead with wisdom, power, and integrity.
Nancy’s remarkable life achievements span over three decades. She credits her dedication, her unrelenting commitment, and her discipline to her own personal journey. She is a serious seeker who has deeply immersed herself in selfdevelopment practices and study from the age of 18. She has spent many years learning from and closely studying the materials of hundreds of the most renowned self-development masters of our time. It is on the foundation of this profound inner wisdom that she offers her life-changing book: Breaking Limiting Patterns – How to Bring Yourself to New Heights


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